We’re thrilled to announce that DotCreek is now Nativo, and we’re commemorating our 10-year anniversary with a new look, new logo, and new name.

Welcome to Nativo

After 10 years of exciting growth, we’ve decided to kick off a fresh decade with an image that reflects the evolution of our core values and company culture. 

Our Values

Natural Agility

A forward-thinking team that adapts to your projects with ease, our tribe evolves to meet your needs.

Wild Professionalism

Tech is in our DNA but we get business. We take a serious approach to your bottom line and growth.  

Explosive Creativity

Our adventurous team combines their creative talents to propose original solutions that exceed your clients’ expectations.

Happy Mindset

A culture of happiness and an upbeat view of life positively impact our work. We genuinely enjoy what we do.

Why Nativo?

We chose Nativo, in Spanish, to represent our scenic and strategic Central American location; Where our North American partners enjoy hassle-free scheduling and communication, thanks to our shared time zone and business culture.

More importantly, the name Nativo proudly represents our team in Costa Rica and Nicaragua: our creative tribe of agile developers whose native language is tech. 

What’s Next?

Nativo will continue to offer you a wildly professional remote team. But we’ve strengthened our core services to help you carry out your web and mobile projects, without the premium price tag. 

Aside from our name, logo, and website, keep an eye out for the new services we’ll be adding through our partner network to better serve tech companies and small to midsize businesses.

This exciting transformation doesn’t require any action on your part because our communication channels and point of contact haven’t changed. Any website, web app, or mobile app you’ve developed with Nativo will work exactly the same.