Partnering with a nearshore white-label SEO provider can get you a great return on investment. Compared to US-based vendors, companies in Latin America operate with a low-cost structure, which can only translate into benefits for your business. Simply put: partnering with a white-label company enables your brand to provide the same or better results for your clients, with a lower cost of revenue.   

Six Things You Need to Know Before Choosing the Right SEO Partner

Define Which Business Model You Want to Work With

You have many options when it comes to finding professionals to provide services to support your company’s tasks. Making the final decision depends on your needs and preferences. Also, you need to consider the type of working relationship you want to implement with that person or agency.

For example, if you want to expand your business permanently, you can hire new employees, or if you just need temporary help, you can consider a freelancer. Nonetheless, if you need the support of multiple specialists for a specific period or project without increasing payroll expenses, partnering with a white-label company is a better way to go.

Before making a decision, it is also crucial to know if you are willing to lead and oversee the work of several employees or independent freelancers or prefer to work with a self-organized team of professionals that follow processes and best practices to complete their assignments. In this regard, agencies that provide white-label SEO services are highly qualified to implement strategies that guarantee quality and superior results.

Do Some Research & Check Out Your Options

When choosing a white-label SEO provider, it is important to learn more about them and see if they fit your requirements. Remember that they will help you convert website visitors into leads or customers. Choosing a company that can meet your deadlines and delivers quality work is also essential.

Within the essential elements, you should investigate:

  • Their website to see if they have it well optimized and easy to use.
  • Their experience in the field and certificates.
  • Their customer service.

Additionally, The SEO agency should also provide reports with relevant information about their results with previous clients. They can share case studies or reports of successful projects they have previously completed. This will demonstrate the agency’s transparency and willingness.

Set Clear and Measurable Objectives

When selecting an SEO agency, you have to make sure that they are willing to meet your objectives and that they align with your work model. To do this, you must show them a detailed plan that contains clear directions and expected results.

In return, they should also provide you with an action plan where they propose the activities they will execute to help you generate results. A trustworthy business will also be transparent with its costs and level of service and will be eager to address any concerns you may have.

Ask for References from Previous Projects They Performed

Ensure the SEO agency you choose has a solid track record of success before hiring them. You must inquire about their prior work to understand how they operate and see if they are qualified to handle a job like the one you need. Case studies are perfect for obtaining a sense of the outcomes they can produce.

On the other hand, it may be helpful to refer to third parties. That is, ask for references from colleagues or friends who have worked with the agency you are interested in. This way, you can learn more from other perspectives.

Make Sure They Are Aware of the Latest Trends

The world of digital marketing is growing at an accelerated pace. Each time new changes are added in both practices and software. For example, the most common SEO platform adds new features that can often completely alter how a task is performed.

In situations like this, professionals involved in SEO and other areas of digital marketing must stay ahead of the curve. An excellent way to check if the white-label SEO provider is up to date with the trends in the field and the search engine ranking algorithm is to request their most recent certificates.

Ask in Detail About the Services and Pricing

It is crucial for the SEO agency to provide you with a detailed plan of how their strategies will help you achieve your goals. It is important to emphasize this so that you can have complete confidence in them and have realistic expectations.

On the other hand, you should evaluate if there is a good relationship between quality and price. Be wary of options that offer inexpensive services since the quality might not be as high as expected.

SEO Is Essential for Your Business. Choose the Right Partner to Work With You

As we have seen, several elements are crucial when selecting white-label SEO services for agencies. By considering all these aspects, you will find unique options. Finally, remember that it’s not only about finding a partner that fits what you think is suitable for you but also that they are qualified to satisfy your customers. In the end, it’s your customers who deserve the best solutions.