There is a point where your digital marketing agency needs to grow. We’re all in this together and want the same thing: to grow our client base of satisfied customers. Imagine you need to provide more SEO services and don’t have the infrastructure to handle all SEO-related tasks.

In this blog entry, we’ll see two common options to help you choose the most cost-effective solution for your marketing agency. Then, we’ll talk about some things you need to consider when selecting the right SEO service provider.

White Label Agency VS Freelancer

When it comes to offering additional SEO solutions to clients, most companies face two common scenarios. Either increase their internal team or work with a third party. The first option could be to hire a full-time SEO strategist to be part of the team. This choice would require training, a salary, and any other perks and benefits provided to a full-time member of the team. Although a good option, it might not be the best, especially when managing a small company.

An alternative option would be to hire a freelancer who receives payment based on completed tasks. Most companies choose this option and then use one of the many freelancing sites on the Internet to find a freelancer. But is this a good idea? 

What if we told you there is a third option, similar to hiring a freelancer, that offers almost the same benefits as hiring a permanent employee without increasing your payroll? That option exists and can become your preferred alternative! What option is that, you ask? The answer is white label!

We wrote this article to help you decide which option is best for your needs. White Label SEO vs. SEO Freelancer. Continue reading to learn more.

Which SEO Service Option Suits You Best?

When the time comes to explore your options, you will have to choose the one that offers you the most advantages. To clarify your expectations, you should know more about your SEO provider’s background, experience, knowledge, certifications, and how many projects they can take on simultaneously. 

To make sure you make the right choice, we suggest you think about the following:


By delegating tasks to someone outside your team, you entrust them with a part of your success. Your company’s reputation depends on your services being delivered on time. You need someone who can guarantee efficiency and reliability.

This is an essential aspect to consider when selecting an SEO provider. Most freelancers have more than one job at a time, so your experience and relationships with them will vary.  If the prior statement is true, you will likely experience difficulties with deadlines and/or consistent follow-up.

White-label SEO agencies provide faster responses and higher efficiency than freelancers. They are a team that distributes tasks and follows organized processes. As a result of white-label agencies and sufficient resources, clients can rest easy knowing that the job will get done.


Working with an external team is challenging. Only some providers implement adequate processes and communication mechanisms. You should select your partners based on their values and commitment. 

You must determine if they are willing to provide you with a unique experience that goes beyond simply fulfilling a task. Also, think about things like personalization, communication, and the flexibility to adapt to your contexts, even in atypical situations.

You know you have a long-term partnership when an SEO agency or freelancer meets at least these parameters. A friendly and collaborative partnership is vital to going the extra mile.

Expertise and holistic offers

SEO and other digital marketing specialties require regular learning and upskilling. Every individual you meet will have varying levels of experience and skills. 

When hiring a freelancer, you should pay close attention to their experience, certificates, and other elements to help you understand their qualifications to help you with your projects. Unfortunately, not all freelancers are up-to-date, use adequate tools, or always adhere to best practices. 

On the other hand, you have more access to premium skill sets and tools when working with a white-label agency. An agency has a lot to offer because its team is made up of experienced marketers and SEO experts.

The potential to handle a large number of projects

Attaining more and more projects every month is a good indicator that your business is growing. However, at some point, there will be situations that prevent us from moving forward since each project requires time and dedication. 

If you’re struggling to deal with all your projects, you need help. We’ve already seen that you have some options available. However, you should choose your SEO service provider carefully because, like you, they may struggle to handle multiple projects at once.

In this regard, the most convenient option is working with white-label agencies, as they have a larger staff, while a freelancer can only take on so many projects at a time

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