At Nativo, we work alongside our clients to create and run effective Bing/Microsoft ad campaigns using our professional and effective approach to PPC advertising.  With more than a decade of experience, you can rely on our team to utilize the appropriate advertising tools and features available. We’re ready to help you obtain sales and gain leads from your Bing/Microsoft search engine.

Our experts will be happy to help you scale your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and help your business grow with a clear campaign strategy. Our experienced Bing Ads agency team will help you align your goals, get results, and see clear progress through an efficient Bing ads campaign.

What is Bing / Microsoft Advertising?

Bing ads, now known as Microsoft Advertising, is a paid online digital marketing solution and advertising platform. Businesses like yours can create ads for products, services, content, and more using Bing/Microsoft advertising. With this service, you can bring in more leads, make more money, raise brand awareness, and more.

In terms of functionality, Microsoft/Bing ads work very similarly to Google ads. You bid on particular keywords that you believe your target audience will search for, then wait for Bing/Microsoft to match them with the searches performed on the platform. A successful match will result in the search engine displaying your ad alongside organic search results.

Some of the additional benefits behind Bing/Microsoft Advertising include:

  • Gain More For Less: Many digital marketers today utilize Google ads and completely ignore Microsoft/Bing ads campaign, leading to less competition on the Microsoft advertising platform.
    It is now simpler for advertisers like you to receive relevant traffic while paying less with the aid of our qualified professionals at Nativo. We’ll work with you to dominate Google and Bing for keywords pertinent to your industry.
  • Increase in Return on Investment: When you have less competition, it also means that you get lower bids and lower CPC. In the long run, this will help your business produce more significant leads, traffic, and sales while spending less.
  • You’re Not Just Limited to Bing’s Ad Network: Whenever a business advertises on Bing, its ad will also appear on AOL and Yahoo networks. Ultimately, the results are open to searchers across all three search engines: AOL, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Transparency: A Microsoft/Bing ads strategy also provides greater clarity for digital marketers, allowing advertisers to see precisely where traffic is coming from. In addition, Bing ads campaigns also offer detailed reporting that helps you improve your Bing ads strategy.

Of course, to get the most out of your Bing and Microsoft advertising, you need a qualified Bing PPC agency, and that’s where we come in. At Nativo, we have over a decade of experience in PPC advertising for platforms like Google Ads and Bing/Microsoft.

How Does Bing Ads/Microsoft Advertising Work?

It’s easy to write off Bing/Microsoft advertising when considering Google ads for your new ad campaign. However, before you bid adieu to Bing, consider this: According to studies, Bing has over 12 billion monthly searches. But how does it all work?

With Bing/Microsoft advertising, you decide on the bid amount for keywords, meaning you set the price you want to pay each time your ad is clicked. Afterward, when a user searches the Microsoft Search Network, an auction determines which ad will be shown and where it will appear on the search result page.

Here are a couple of ways that Bing/ Microsoft Ads might be superior to Google Ads:

  • Microsoft/Bing advertising allows businesses to assign different time zones to campaigns. Ultimately, this makes complex ad scheduling strategies easier to handle, even more so if you target international audiences.
  • Bing/Microsoft advertising offers target flexibility.
  • This type of advertising allows you to adjust bids for tablet users and mobile devices.
  • Bing/Microsoft ads help you expand your network, location, scheduling, language, and ad rotation settings at the ad group level.

Do you want to know if Bing/Microsoft advertising suits you and your business? Talk to our bing ads experts at Nativo today.

Don’t shy away from marketing your service or product on Bing/Microsoft. We know that doing so takes additional effort, but that’s why we’re here to guide you. Our professionals can transfer data from one network to another (if you are running Google ads), and then we’ll optimize. We want to make sure you’re represented ideally.

Do you need to know if Microsoft advertising is right for you or your business? Our advertising experts at Nativo are here to offer support. Whether you started a campaign or are new to the advertising platform, we can help exactly the way you need to be helped.

Get the right campaign for your goals with professional help. Partnered with our team at Nativo, you can successfully implement searches and remarket campaigns.

Don’t wait any longer and benefit today from our vast experience. Whether you still have questions or you want to get started right away, we look forward to all of it.

Negative keywords are an essential part of optimizing PPC campaigns.
Nativo can also help you optimize your other digital marketing channels

What Bing Ads Services Does Nativo Offer?

At Nativo, we take a distinctive approach to your pay-per-click advertising. We’ll generate a successful, data-driven Bing ads campaign by fusing our knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) with PPC management information. As an experienced Bing Ads agency, we can help clients identify clicks, ad spending trends, and conversions.

You can rely on our experts to manage all aspects of your Bing/Microsoft advertising campaign. Our services cover everything from account setup to performance, monitoring, and optimization. Partner with our experienced team at Nativo and watch us generate consistent sales and maximize your return on ad spend.

Over the past decade, we’ve provided our clients with winning keywords. Here’s what you can expect from us as a professional Bing advertising agency:

  • We’ll set up your Bing Ad Account
  • Our team will determine what campaign will benefit you most
  • We’ll target the right audience with behaviors, interests, and demographics
  • As experts, we’ll plan and strategize
  • We’ll provide remarkable ad copy
  • Our team will set up and track pixels
  • We’ll optimize ads
  • And more

We’ll set up your Bing Ad Account

Our team will determine what campaign will benefit you most

We’ll target the right audience with behaviors, interests, and demographics

As experts, we’ll plan and strategize

We’ll provide remarkable ad copy

Our team will set up and track pixels

We’ll optimize ads

And more

Our Bing ads solutions encompass different types of Bing ads. These include:

  • Expanded Text Ads: This type of ad works ideally for businesses that want to drive website traffic or e-commerce store.
  • App Install Ads: As you might’ve guessed it, this type of ad is only suitable for businesses that want/need to market an app.
  • Dynamic Search Ads: Do you have an extensive product range? This ad type might be your best bet. You’ll be able to choose your keywords and negative keywords.
  • Smart Search Ads: Only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France, this type of ad is suited for businesses that need to market a product or website.
  • Multimedia Ads: If you’re working with a bigger budget, you can customize your ad through this option. 
  • Product Ads: Do you have an e-commerce brand? Then this option is perfect for you.
  • Responsive Search Ads:  If you’re a new user and want to make use of Microsoft advertising automated ad optimization, this ad type is ideal.
  • Microsoft Audience Ad: Bing/Microsoft advertising utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to target audience ads. A user’s search history, browsing session, demographic information, and more are analyzed to understand consumer intent signals.

Get in touch with our professional PPC managers at Nativo today, and let’s get started on your Bing Ads. We’ll find what ad type best suits your business needs and objectives.

Why Should You Choose Microsoft Advertising?

Are you thinking about starting a pay-per-click campaign? Unlike Google AdWords, Microsoft/Bing ads will appear on two different search engines: Bing and Yahoo. Also worth mentioning is how Bing/Microsoft advertising has shown a significant increase in the net market over the past few years.

But why should anyone pick Microsoft Advertising? Here’s why:

  • It allows you to create various campaigns
  • You can manage different campaigns even when offline
  • It resembles marketing services using PPC and an ad’s CTR to determine how often an ad is being shown
  • You select your target audience
  • It provides users with API (application programming interface), which facilitates tracking the process of your campaigns
  • You can import Google Ad campaigns

Disregarding Bing/Microsoft advertising may seem like something insignificant. However, it can harm your business in the long run. Though Bing/Microsoft isn’t everyone’s search engine of choice, remember this: It has a loyal and vast user base. When you skip out on Bing/Microsoft advertising, you will miss out on marketing to said users.

If you want to learn more about how Microsoft/Bing ads work, contact our experienced team at Nativo today.

How Can I Use Microsoft Advertising to Drive More People to My website?

Whenever a user enters a search query into a Bing search engine, if the search matches your keywords, your ad will appear above or below organic search results and drive the user toward your website.

When you advertise with Bing/Microsoft, you can reach a much broader market as your ad will be displayed to thousands, if not millions, of potential clients on the Bing search engine result page.

Our team at Nativo works diligently to help your ads appear, making them relevant and helping you gain a top position that drives the desired traffic to your website.

Partnering with our advertising agency means connecting with a team of professionals focused on your business’ growth. Our in-house PPC specialists have more than a decade of experience in building and optimizing Bing/Microsoft campaigns, tweaking your ads, and allocating your budget so that everything is aligned with your business goals and objectives. Accelerating business success and seeing instant sales start with choosing our team at Nativo.

We never offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Instead, we get on board with your vision. You’ll have professionals dedicated to your Bing/Microsoft advertising strategy.

If you are looking for a qualified PPC agency certified to run Bing Ads, look no further. Connect with your ideal audience and contact our experts at Nativo today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to advertise on Bing?

Yes. Bing ads are advantageous as they use a similar auction dynamic as Google Ads but have fewer competitors, a lesser cost per click, and a better ad position for your business. If you want to start advertising on Bing, now is the perfect time to do so.

Is Microsoft Advertising right for me?

All kinds of businesses will find value in Microsoft/Bing ads. Microsoft advertising has the right solutions for you if you want local calls, want to drive traffic to your website, and more. At Nativo, we help businesses like yours get started on their Bing/Microsoft advertising.

How much does Bing advertising cost?

When you work with our professionals at Nativo, we can help you set a budget for your Bing ads. Whether you want to invest $100 or $1,000, you will get billed once someone clicks on your ad.

Are Bing Ads cheaper than Google?

Yes. Bing ads tend to be less expensive than advertising on platforms like Google. In addition, advertisers get more bang for their buck with Bing advertising. To see if Bing advertising works for your budget, talk to our specialists.

Why should I hire a professional bing ads agency?

When you work with our experts at Nativo, your ads are more likely to win keyword auctions, bring people to your website, and save you money. Our team will optimize your campaigns and make sure you get the results you need to match your business’ goals.

Where will my ad appear?

When you opt for Bing/Microsoft ads, your ads will appear on search results on AOL, Yahoo, Bing, and syndicated partner sites. Bing ads/ Microsoft ads are displayed across the Microsoft Search Network.