If you use YouTube, you’ve likely seen a good ad or two, as well as some bad ones. As an established business owner, you might have also contemplated placing your ads on YouTube videos. With more than 2 billion active users, utilizing YouTube to promote a service or product is a splendid idea.

At Nativo, we help businesses like yours run successful YouTube ads. As a paid media advertising agency with extensive experience in YouTube video ads, we’ve helped numerous clients increase sales, raise brand awareness, and build customer loyalty. Now is the perfect time to start if you want to see your video advertisements on YouTube.

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What is Youtube Advertising?

YouTube advertising is the process of advertising your product or service through video content. YouTube ads are done through Google ads. This method of video marketing allows you to maximize user searches. It could be your video playing before a user sees another video or showing up as a YouTube search result for an audience to watch in full.

Nativo’s YouTube marketing services give you access to videos, a community, and an unmatched opportunity for audience engagement. YouTube advertising provides viewers with the sight, sound, and motion necessary to elicit an emotional response, which is uncommon in other media.

If you want to facilitate engagement, such as shares, comments, and likes, YouTube advertising allows that. In addition, this form of advertising promotes discovery.

At Nativo, your trusted YouTube marketing agency, our video creators and advertisers can help you learn more about your viewers through sophisticated measurement tools that YouTube and Google offer, including YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics. Some of the data available include demographics, performance, and levels of engagement.

Get in touch with our professionals at Nativo today to get started with your next YouTube marketing campaign and how to make it work for your business.

Benefits of Youtube Ads

When you advertise your service or product on YouTube, users can discover your videos in multiple ways. For instance, an audience might find your video through YouTube’s search page or by clicking through suggested videos. If you want to advertise your business effectively, YouTube is an excellent option.

Video marketing strategies offer plenty of benefits for business owners. Some of the advantages of YouTube advertising include the following:

You can connect with potential clients uniquely and memorably through ads that play or run next to YouTube videos. YouTube advertising allows you to get up close and personal, go into depth about your product or service, place the camera on yourself, or even share an experience with the world. In the long run, this helps you connect with your target audience.

You can reach your desired clients on YouTube by demographics, keywords, and topics, such as “men under 32”.

Are you reaching the desired audience? With help from our professionals at Nativo, you can check your Google ads account to track your youtube marketing campaigns’ budget details, costs, and views. You can even see which videos your customers interact with the most and for how long they watch.

In reality, any digital marketing strategy will benefit from YouTube advertising. Let our YouTube advertising agency help you get started on your video content.

Types of Youtube Ads?

You might have a particular image in mind when you think of YouTube videos and their ad designs. Nonetheless, this streaming platform offers many ways to market your product or service. Some of the types of ads you can find on YouTube include:

TrueView ads have become an ad platform that gives users and advertisers alike options customized/tailored to their desired experience. The main benefit of using TrueView ads is the consistent and cost-free brand awareness you can get. You only pay if someone watches up to 30 seconds of your ad.

Reach your target audience without an interrupted message through non-skippable instream ads. These types of ads are short videos that are played during, before, or after a video. They usually last up to 15 seconds.

This ad typically lasts up to 6 seconds and is viewed before, after, or during a video. This type of ad can’t be skipped either.

Having your audience view your entire message without skipping over your video is possible through in-feed ads. This ad type is utilized when you have video content you’d like to promote before, during, or even after a video on Youtube was played. Typically, this ad type runs for 15 seconds or less. Your viewers won’t be able to skip your ad.

With all of these YouTube video ad types, you might wonder, “Which type of YouTube video is better for my business?” Each possibility has its advantages. Let our experts at Nativo help guide you. Contact us today and discover which options best meet your business needs.

Overlay ads usually appear at the bottom quarter of a Youtube video as a narrow or wide banner. This YouTube ad allows you to promote your product or service without obstructing content. You can use images, texts, and colors to entice viewers.

You’ll find this kind of ad to the right of the video player in the corner of the screen. This ad type is only available for advertising on desktops.

If you want to expand your video ad’s reach on mobile, you can do it with this ad type. Outstream ads begin by playing with their sound off. This means that viewers can tap the ad to unmute the video. This ad type will appear on mobile web placements such as banners, in-feed, interstitials, native, and in both portrait and fullscreen modes.

If your goal is to drive awareness towards a particular product or service or even reach a mass audience quickly, then a masthead ad might be the best fit for your needs.

Who Should Use Youtube Advertising Services?

The truth is that every business owner has something to gain from our YouTube advertising services. Collaborating with our professional content creators at Nativo will attract new customers, increase brand awareness, and much more.

To do good marketing, you must take advantage of every chance to get your products and services in front of your target audience. Now is the ideal time to start if you aren’t yet advertising your business on YouTube.

By researching and understanding the data surrounding your audience, we can move forward with selecting the best ad format for your business. Our experienced marketers and PPC specialists work closely with our clients to create a successful youtube marketing strategy full of original, inviting, and authoritative videos that get individuals to visit your website and ultimately purchase your product.

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What Can a Youtube Advertising Agency Do for You?

Partnering with our professional YouTube Advertising Agency will help you reach your target audience with incredible accuracy. At Nativo, we can help you promote your videos, launch a new product or service, increase your online sales, and gain brand awareness. 

As an experienced YouTube advertising agency, we help you create ads that engage audiences on today’s most prominent video viewing platform and second-largest search engine. Our mission is to provide you with everything your business needs to succeed in YouTube advertising. We handle everything from research to campaign development and everything in between.

Successful YouTube marketing efforts are only possible with our team at Nativo by your side. Spread your message and promote your service—do it with Nativo.

Nativo is your trusted digital marketing agency with extensive experience in youtube ads

Frequently Asked Questions

Is promoting on YouTube worth it?

Yes. There are many ways that social media advertising, especially YouTube advertising, can help your brand/business. You’ll find that through YouTube ads, you’ll boost your search engine rankings. To take full advantage of all the benefits YouTube advertising provides, you need a professional YouTube advertising agency like Nativo to guide you through it all.

How much does it cost to advertise on YouTube?

Many factors come into play when considering how much YouTube video ads cost. Some factors include placement, format, type, and even industry. Nonetheless, when you work with our team at Nativo, we ensure you get the most out of your budget.

Is YouTube suitable for me?

YouTube advertising is suitable for small, medium, and large businesses alike. All companies will find value in advertising on this platform, as it increases sales, brand awareness, and more as the leading video viewing platform.

What makes a good YouTube video ad?

Making proper YouTube video advertising begins with choosing the suitable type/format, using advanced targeting options, and creating compelling content. At Nativo, we pride ourselves on helping businesses like yours create effective YouTube ads.

How many subscribers to my YouTube channel do I need to put ads on YouTube?

You don’t need subscribers to start advertising your product or service on YouTube.