At Nativo, we offer content marketing services that cover the digital marketing strategy landscape so your business can grow online in various ways. We have content experts well-versed in cutting-edge digital marketing strategies that will help your company rank higher in search engine results thanks to outstanding content.

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What are Content Marketing Services?

Content marketing services are digital marketing services that include building a content marketing strategy and writing and distributing different kinds of digital content to help a business reach its goals. It covers everything from coming up with ideas to creating, publishing, analyzing, and keeping up with content.

Content marketing services are primarily used to get and keep people’s attention by giving them unique, high-quality content. However, the ultimate goal should be converting readers into leads and making sales.

Content marketing fosters customer relationships. People will likely buy from you if they see your business as a partner who cares about their success and provides helpful information and advice. Online users will also trust you more than they will someone who doesn’t produce original content about their goods and services since they will perceive you as an authority in your field.

The most common types of content marketing services include: 

  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Landing Pages
  • Videos
  • Etc.

How Content Marketing Drives Sales & Revenue

More than 7.5 million new blog entries are posted daily, all competing for a spot in the top results of search engines. If your content isn’t visible to your target audience, your marketing efforts will be in vain. 

Content marketing improves your SEO results and enhances your other marketing efforts. It generates traffic, conversions, and leads for your business. Our content marketers will work diligently to boost your site’s visibility in search engine results by doing keyword research, implementing content marketing strategies, and providing high-quality content services.

Nativo will build and implement your content marketing campaigns

Benefits of Content Marketing

  • Increase online visibility and attract visitors
  • Boost your SEO and traffic
  • Improve authority and become a thought leader in your industry or niche
  • Generate more leads and develop relationships with potential clients
  • Increase sales and revenues

How Content Marketing Is changing the game?

A content marketing campaign is an unavoidable component of your overall digital strategy. Consequently, it has evolved into a vital part of any successful campaign.

Some relevant facts:

  • Businesses that use content marketing grow about 30% faster than those that don’t. 
  • Companies with blogs receive 67% more leads.
  • 72% of B2B marketers increase engagement and leads with content marketing.
  • Nearly half of consumers browse three companies’ articles before buying.

It means that content is vital to help buyers make a decision. Your potential clients will likely choose other options if the content is not there. So, you must implement solid content strategies as part of your marketing strategy.

The Difference Between B2B & B2C Content Marketing Services

Regularly, the main difference between B2B and B2C marketing is the target audience. Even if it’s true, it’s not the most crucial part of putting content marketing strategies into action.

There are three critical aspects to consider. This includes keyword opportunities, the average revenue per user (ARPU), and the number of competitors.


Most of the time, there are many more people looking for consumer goods than companies looking for business-to-business products and services. In B2C, the potential traffic and monthly searches for a keyword are typically much higher. In this context, getting relevant keywords for B2C content is much easier.


Products and services sold to other businesses typically cost more than those sold to consumers. Some enterprise B2B businesses with an average revenue per customer of about $100,000 could make money with just ten leads per month. But because business-to-consumer prices are usually much lower, the multiplier can be 10x or 100x higher (or even more) than that.


Most B2B businesses have five to ten major competitors, but B2C companies may have to compete with hundreds of brands on the search engine results pages. So, it’s essential to use a structured method when picking keywords for your article, especially when creating B2C content. If you can detect opportunities your competitors are overlooking, you can dominate search engine results for many purchase intent keywords in your industry.

Result-Driven Content Marketing Services

Do you need a content marketing agency to help you develop a content strategy that will help you reach your business and marketing goals? Then, investing in the right content marketing services will reap the desired benefits and more. 

Fortunately, you can count on Nativo as your trusted content marketing agency. Our content marketing services cover every aspect of content marketing, so you can be sure that your digital advertising needs will be met. We’ll develop a strategy that doesn’t waste time and gets you the desired result.

We’re not like any other content marketing agency out there. Our team can do the work of several regular marketers to ensure your digital marketing success. You can count on us to handle all content-related issues as your expert writers, SEO strategists, and account managers.

Nativo will build a successful content marketing strategy for each step of your customer journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Content marketing vs. PPC, which one is better for my business?

The content marketing versus pay-per-click debate never has a simple resolution. Both strategies have pros and cons, so you can’t choose one over the other. Content marketing builds trust and loyalty with your target audience to generate profits. With PPC advertising, you pay for a top spot in search results and the extra traffic that comes with it.

Even though content marketing takes longer to show a return on investment (ROI), it is a low-cost way to keep your brand in people’s minds. Pay-per-click (PPC) methods guarantee first-page Google results, but they cost money every time a user clicks on your ad.

Why invest in content marketing services?

Content marketing can save 62% while generating 3x as many leads or visitors compared to more conventional forms of advertising. This non-intrusive approach lets you contact more people for less money. 

Why not allocate some of your brand’s marketing money to content production instead of dumping most of it into advertising?

What types of content are used in content marketing?

According to, the top content marketing services are:

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • eBooks
  • Case studies
  • Checklists
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Influencer marketing
  • Guides and how-tos
  • Memes
What is the best type of content marketing?

There’s not a straightforward answer to this question. The reason is simple; everything depends on your business needs. You can use social network content to sell your products there or create a how-to blog to teach your users how to take advantage of your products. 

But there is something you need to keep in mind. Having a customized website with legit content is crucial to, among many other advantages, guaranteeing your clients’ engagement and building brand awareness.

Is content marketing the same as social media marketing?

Social media marketers are concerned with optimizing social media as a tool for disseminating content, whereas content marketers focus on content creation and curation processes.

Also, content marketing employs SEO strategies to drive traffic to a website, whereas social media marketing is a channel for sharing content with targeted audiences.

What is an example of content marketing?

Newsletters, podcasts, social media posts, and videos are all excellent examples of content marketing in action. These content types should have one purpose: to deliver information that visitors will find valuable and relevant, thereby increasing their likelihood of engaging with your company.

What are the channels for content marketing?

Depending on your target demographic and available resources, you’ll want to use different distribution channels. The three primary categories of distribution channels are owned, earned, and paid. Let’s have a glimpse at each one.

Owned: Refers to the distribution points you own and over which you have complete control, eliminating the need to pay any third party. An example of an owned content marketing channel is your website.

Earned: This is when someone else distributes your work without charging you. Earned channels include things like people sharing your social media posts with their networks of friends, bloggers reposting your most recent article, and journalists tweeting about your podcast episode.

Paid: These are places where you can distribute your content to an audience for a fee. A “pay per click” ad is a type of paid channel in which you get charged when a user clicks on your ad.