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What is front-end development?

You might have heard about front-end development if you’re new to programming. If you are asking yourself, “What does it mean?” Here’s what you need to know: Everything that you see on a website, such as animations, links, buttons, and such, was created by front-end web developers

Our job is to take your vision and design concept and implement it through code. As experienced front-end developers, we take care of your site, from the logo and search bar to the overall layout.

At WillDom, our primary goal is to ensure your website looks good across all devices, including mobile devices.  We focus on delivering phenomenal UI/UX through our website development services. Count on us for all your software development projects.

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How Responsive Web Design Works

You probably don’t think about how a website works when you visit it. There is, however, much more that goes into making your experience seamless.

Responsive web design refers to a method of web design that ensures that websites function well on multiple devices.

Basically, when someone visits a website using a responsive design, instead of loading different pages for desktop versions and mobile versions, it automatically detects what type of device they’re using and adjusts its layout accordingly.

Therefore, your device’s content will always look great, regardless of screen size or browser capabilities!

Nativo will help you create a user friendly mobile websites for mobile users.

What do front-end developers do in a company?

As front-end developers, we have one primary responsibility: ensuring that your website’s visitors can quickly and smoothly interact with your webpage. How do we achieve this? through the combination of the latest web technologies, programming, and design. Whenever you visit a website, what you see and what you click on is the work of front-end developers.

Some of our everyday tasks as front-end developers at WillDom include the following:

  • Optimizing User Experience
  • Utilizing JavaScript programming language, HTML, and CSS to bring ideas to life
  • Creating tools that enhance site interaction
  • Fixing bugs

Why interactive front-end application design is essential for business growth

Our front-end development services are undeniably crucial for business success, as there’s a continuous growth of users who embrace the digital era. Businesses must build a clear and consistent online presence to engage with their target audience, gain clients, satisfy them, and retain them if required.

Now, why is front-end development so fundamental for business growth? Let’s take a closer look:

Create a Lasting Impression

They say that first impressions are essential. With that in mind, have you ever encountered a site that failed to load? Or even visited a site with a poor design, so you preferred to close it?

Naturally, we gravitate towards things that appeal to us and repel those that don’t. A poorly developed site will cost you in more ways than you think. As the first thing that users see about your business/brand, it is fundamental for you to ensure that your site’s structure and design are appealing and inviting. Hook your audience and make sure everything is working as it should.

Navigate Smoothly

It is imperative that your users navigate through your site smoothly to remain satisfied and maintain your bounce rate at a minimum. Convenience allows visitors to click on links or jump from page to page easily.

As a front-end development agency, we can assist you in making your user’s journey across your site much more convenient, easy, and simple. If your website is difficult to navigate, your users will find an alternative solution.

Retain Users

When you have a proper front end, retention levels increase. Visitors will naturally search for a much better option if your site doesn’t work. The goal is to keep your visitors content. Luckily, we are here to help you avoid that bounce rate.

Enhance Your Performance

An optimum and user-friendly website can lead to the profits you are aiming towards

Build Trust Between You and Users

When you provide a solid front end, you uphold trustworthiness and transparency. Visitors want to see a website that not only looks good but also that inspires trust. Moreover, visitors need to be taken to the information they were searching for as this fulfills their intent and gives a feeling of reliability.

In today’s ever-changing digital world, users will be inclined to choose a brand they know and trust. You always want to be the reliable and trustworthy option

In today’s digital world, where things are constantly changing and many options exist, you need a robust online presence to reach your business goals. Establishing your presence begins with creating a beautiful digital landscape. Work with our front-end development team.

At WillDom, our specialists create responsive and attractive layouts that help you stand out from the crowd. Now is the perfect time to ensure that your website performs as it should.

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Front-end technology we use

Through the emergence of the latest and most innovative technology, front-end software continues to evolve. The utilization of advanced technology is required for robust and high-performing sites. So, what do we offer at WillDom as a front-end developmental company?

To help you gain an intuitive web interface and increase your conversion rates, some of the front-end web development services that we offer include

  • ReactJS development.
  • React Native development
  • Jamstack Development
  • Front-end development
  • MVP Development
  • Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Team and staff augmentation

Save money and time with WillDom’s front-end development services

As an experienced front-end development company, it is our main goal to always provide our clients with prime results. Through the years, we’ve been consistent in our quality by partnering with industry experts. Our front-end development team works closely with WillDom- a top front-end development agency, so that clients like you get a highly functioning and appealing site.

With WillDom, you’ll get the digital innovation that you are searching for in a web development project. Strategize and execute your business objectives with our help. Contact our experienced frontend developers today and get started on your web development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is front-end development the same as UX?

There are differences between UX and front-end development. To start, front-end developers focus on a website’s functionality. In contrast, UX designers focus a bit more on the visual aspects of a site and the user experience as a whole.

Why should I outsource my front-end development needs?

Working with a front-end development company like WillDom allows you to cut costs drastically. When you outsource your development needs, you’ll eliminate the need to spend resources and time on onboarding, hiring, and more.

What makes the front-end development work effective?

As successful front-end developers, what makes our work effective is our clear understanding of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML- more than just the basics. We have the expertise to build complex, interactive websites that keep visitors happy, even on mobile devices.

Do you offer after-delivery support?

At Nativo, we’re always available to tend to our client’s needs. Even after we’ve delivered a site, our specialists are here to assist you with your front-end development project if you have any questions or concerns.